Red Sox Manage To Squeeze Out Win in Seattle

The Red Sox just managed to squeeze out a 2-1 win in a pitchers duel against the Seattle Mariners.  The first 3 innings were almost perfect for both pitchers, besides a few singles.  Only once did each team even have a runner in scoring position in these innings.  But the 4th inning changed that.  Following Mike Napoli’s double play, Shane Victorino hit a solo home run high into left field, making it 1-0 Red Sox.  Seattle also had bases loaded later that inning but couldn’t get any more hits in that inning. The pitchers duel continued.  The Sox did have 1st and 2nd in the 5th though.

But in the bottom of the 6th, Seattle rallied.  Nelson Cruz walked with one out to start it up.  Kyle Seager followed with a single as Cruz advanced to second.  Kelly then threw a wild pitch as both runners advanced one base.  Then Morrison grounded out and Nelson Cruz scored.  The hitting struggles went on through the 7th and 8th with and occasional man on 1st or 2nd, but no runs and very few hits.  But a tie game wasn’t enough for the Red Sox to win.  They needed one more run.  They got it as they rallied through the 9th inning.

Brock Holt hit a double and advanced to third when Xander Bogaerts sacrificed with a bunt.  Sandoval pinch hit for Bake Swihart and got hit by Fernando Rodney’s pitch.  It was 1st and 3rd with Mookie Betts up and 1 down.  Betts got credit for a sacrifice fly, but then the left fielder just dropped the ball and Brock Holt came around to score, even though he still would’ve if the left fielder didn’t make the error.  After Big Papi waked the bases loaded, Hanley fouled out to end the inning.

Koji Uehara earned the save in the bottom of the inning in a 1-2-3 inning as the Red Sox won 2-1.  The Sox have won 4 out of the last 5 games, including their first series won in Oakand since 2006.  We can only hope that the Red Sox will continue to improve as they come home after this series to face more AL West teams over at Fenway.

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