Red Sox Defeat Yankees Less Than 12 Hours After Longest Game Ever

The Red Sox defeated the Yankees after finishing a game less than twelve hours before.  Thanks to the win, I got a free kids burger at the 99 restaurant near my house where I watched the game.  It all started in the second inning.  Mike Napoli started it by reaching first base on an error by first baseman Alex.  The Sox got two outs after, but Napoli advanced by one base on each out.  Eventually, Daniel Nava came up to bat.  He knocked in an RBI double to give the Sox the 1-0 lead. Mike Napoli came around to score the run.  It appeared to be an error as Brett Gardner had the ball on the edge of his glove, but not for long.  He soon dropped it, giving Nava a chance for a hit.  But the lead didn’t last for long.  Alex Rodriguez hit an single to start it up, making the bases loaded.  After one out, the Yanks walked twice, making the bases loaded.  Then, the next batter, Didi Gregorious, hit a sacrifice fly and Rodriguez scored, making the game a 1-1 tie.  The 4th inning gave the Sox the lead back though.  Pablo Sandoval go a base hit, followed by Allen Craig walking to make it 1st and 2nd.  Nava yet again hit an RBI single, letting Pablo Sandoval score, which gave the Sox the 2-1 lead.  The game started to get good for the Sox, and really good.  Joe Kelly was onto a streak which would end up having him throw 17 outs in a row.  One fly ball was caught amazingly by Allen Craig in right field.  Kelly had five consecutive 1-2-3 innings to end it and Kelly’s time for the day at the mound.  Giving up only one hit, and eight strikeouts, he pitched the first seven innings well.  Meanwhile the Sox scored again in the 7th inning, an they scored not one, not two, but three more runs in the 7th.  They started with a walk.  That batter got out at second and Bogaerts took first on the same ground out.  Ryan Hanigan then grounded into fielder’s choice.  The Yankees tried to get Nava out at the plate, but missed, and then catcher John Ryan Murphy tried for first and it was not in time.  Before the play, Xander Bogaerts stole second on an error.  3-1 Sox.  Next, Holt got a base hit.  With a man on first and second, Pedroia hit a great RBI double knocking in two runs, one scored by Bogaerts, the other by Holt.  By the middle of the 7th, it was 5-1 Red Sox.  In the top of the 8th, it appeared to be a 1-2-3 inning.  However, John Farrell challenged the final out in it.  The call was changed, saying Nava didn’t ground out.  He got to first on an error by Chase Headley.  Bogaerts singled next.  Hanigan then loaded the bases by walking for the 2nd time in the game.  Then, the next thing you knew, Brock Holt had hit an RBI double, letting all three men previously on base score.  The Red Sox took an 8-1 lead!!!!  They were crushing the Yankees.  But, Alexi Ogando came in to pitch the 8th.  It was going fine, Ogando had received two clean outs.  However, the Yankees got two consecutive base hits, followed by a 3 run home run by Chris Young.  The Red Sox still had an 8-4 lead.  They had not crushed the Yankees, needing to use three more pitchers, and eventually giving up five hits, but they still won.  Below are today’s fun facts.

Fun Facts

1. Last night’s game was the longest in Red Sox history based on the clock.

2. Joe Kelly pitched 17 straight outs, earning three strikeouts.

3. Joe Kelly gave up only one hit in seven innings.

4. Mike Napoli only had three stolen bases last year, and received his first today.

5. Both Clay Buchholz and Justin Masterson warmed up in the bullpen today, although they never came in.

6. Brock Holt went 4-5, and Daniel Nava went 2-2 earning his first double of the season.

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