Huge Week In NFL Free Agency Concludes

This week consisted of many key signings and trades in the NFL.  The Patriots were involved in this.  First, Darrelle Revis was a huge Patriots loss and will be a huge impact on the Jets defense.  Revis signed with the Jets and will be back with them this year after the Buccaneers signed him in the 2013 off season.   Devin McCourty also resigned with the Patriots this week.  McCourty will continue to be a key defensive factor.  The Pats also LOST Shane Vereen after he got signed by the Giants, and they may be saying their goodbyes to Stevan Ridley too.  They may be seeking a new running back signing like Reggie Bush of the Lions.  The Patriots had many off season moves this week.                                                                                                                                        But the Patriots weren’t the only active team this week.  The Eagles were also an active SIGNING team.  They traded away quarterback Nick Foles to the Rams for the Rams quarterback, Sam Bradford.  They also made a huge signing at running back.  DeMarco Murray signed a contract with the Philadlephia Eagles earning him over 8 million dollars.   The Jets also got hold of former Bears receiver Brandon Marshall.  That will hurt the Bears and probably weaken them, even with John Fox replacing Marc Trestman as Bears head coach.  Fox coached the Broncos, at times badly in 2014.  Otherwise, he was a great coach for Denver before the 2014 season.   The Ravens also resigned new star Justin Forsett for about 3 million bucks.  Jimmy Graham was also traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a draft pick.  That may cause the Saints to really begin to collapse after a shockingly disasterous 2014 season full of big injuries happening to key players like Mark Ingram.   The Jets may be better with their signings, but they still have a hole a quarterback.  However, they got their hands on Ryan Fitzpatrick.   At least he’s better than Geno Smith and Michael Vick.  Speaking of quarterback news, Matt Cassel is now with the Buffalo Bills after the retirement from the NFL  of Kyle Orton, the 2014 Bills starter from Week 5 on.  Brian Hoyer also got signed by the Texans, and he will fight Ryan Mallett and maybe even Tom Savage for the starting position.   That leaves the Browns with quarterback options of Johnny Manziel and Connor Shaw, and the Vikings are left with the option of Teddy Bridgewater, a second year player and Christian Ponder.  Another good defensive signing was Brian Orakpo to the Tennessee Titans.  Orakpo is a former Redskins defender.  The last and most recent signing was Percy Harvin, signed by the Bills after he visited them earlier this week.  Lots of big moves took place in the NFL this week.

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