Brady, Pats, Win 4th Title In Best Super Bowl Ever

I cannot believe this amazing game.  My Patriots super bowl win prediction was standing from the start, and boy I was right.  This was one of the most amazing games I’ve ever seen.  It started out slow as a game of defense with barely any first downs.  The Pats had a great drive late in the 1st quarter where Jeremy Lane intercepted the football.  However, Lane broke his arm and left the game.  The Seahawks soon scored a quick touchdown to Marshawn Lynch, soon after Brandon LaFell scored on an amazing Tom Brady pass.  It was tied at 7-7.  It was the two minute warning.  The Patriots marched down the field and threw to Rob Gronkowski for a TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!   But sadly, an amazingly quick scoring Seattle drive came next.  They went for a touchdown with 6 seconds left and it went to a surprise guy who caught a long catch earlier, CHRIS WILLIAMS.

At halftime, it pumped me up.  I actually enjoyed listening to Katy Perry sing at the halftime show, but the 2nd half was way better than that.  It started with a Seahawks field goal, on their first drive.  Later, we were intercepted by Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner.  Seattle scored a touchdown to Doug Baldwin on a great catch.   24-14 Seattle.

It took a while for the next touchdown, in the fourth quarter.  Danny Amendola scored a touchdown for the Pats, and defense was improving, not giving up any points through the start of the fourth.  With just about two minutes to go to end it, the Pats had a great drive.  It all led up to a final Julian Edelman game leading touchdown.  After the two minute warning, Seattle dominated.  There was a pass to Jermaine Kearse, he just caught it, he kicked it to himself!!!!!!   I cannot believe he caught that stupid ball!!!!!!  1st and goal, and Marshawn Lynch nearly scores going to the 1 yard line.  Then, on 2nd down, we were burnt toast.  Seattle was at the one, all they had to do is use Lynch but Pete Carroll may have called the worst play of his coaching career.

Russell Wilson threw it, and AN UNDRAFTED ROOKIE INTERCEPTS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Malcolm Butler was the guy, the same one covering Kearse on the huge catch.  It gave him rage, need for a comeback play.  If they lost, they would’ve been known for the team that lost because of DeflateGate.  But with a win, Brady will be known as the best QB in NFL history, better than Montana.  But there was still a great twenty seconds left.  The Pats didn’t take a knee, or it would be a safety.  They called a timeout.  Then, Seattle got a 5 yard offsides penalty.  At this point, they were just being sore losers.  They picked a huge fight and Seahawks’ Irvin got penalized for a personal foul, instigator, and was ejected.  Then Brady and his bunch could take a knee, and it was over.

The New England Patriots held off the Seattle Seahawks for their 4th title, all with Brady, this time’s MVP and Bill Belichick.  Brady won Super Bowl XLIX for the Pats.  6 of them attempted, 4 won.  The 2 losses were both to the New York Giants.  Infact, I thought after the Kearse catch, it was a repeat of 2007 vs them.  As others said, man I won’t be calm after this game for a while.  What a game.

2 thoughts on “Brady, Pats, Win 4th Title In Best Super Bowl Ever

  1. Love the blog! As I was reading it; it was like it was happening all over again. What a spectacular unexpected kind of game! Amazing!

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