Pats-Bills-Rest Or Try

The Patriots clinched everything going into a Week 17 Bills match. If the Bills and Browns win, the Bills can get a playoff seed. The Patriots don’t need it, but wouldn’t it be nice to be 13-3 for the first time since 2011 if you were Bill Bellichick? Bellichick has never even done that. I’d say to keep my stars active, but use them less than normal, mixing thngs up, even bringing Jimmy Garroppollo in if the Pats dominate. Also use Jonas Gray, Tim Wright, Michael Hoomanawanuui, Danny Amendola, Brian Tyms, Greg Orton, Brandon Bolden and special teams captain Matthew Slater more on offense as well as the offensive starters-and don’t rest the offensive line, they couldn’t produce anything with Dan Connolly out last week. They have a strong team this year, so no matter what they do, they still have a good chance at winning, especially at home, especially after beating the Jets in New York. They stink, but prepare extra when the rival Patriots come to town if they don’t have a chance at playoff berth that season.

I still believe that this is a super bowl champ worthy team. I made playoffs easily with my Madden Patriots, I expect dominanace in both Madden and reality for our Patriots here in New England. I expect them being 13-3 Super Bowl XLIX champs over the also hot Green Bay Packers, who defeated the Pats at Lambeau in a snow bowl, also being the Pats first visit to Lambeau since 2006, although the Packers came to Gillette Stadium in 2010. That was at Lambeau though. It’ll be very close as these two teams are to each other, probably the two best and hottest teams in the NFL and in a neutral matchup, the Pats should win by a nose. However, they have to beat last year’s Super Bowl teams who are cooling off, the Broncos in the Seahawks, although many predicted Denver to get their revenge of their embarrassng loss, I think the Pats can beat Denver at home again, as they did in the regular season. The Pack and Seahawks also faced off in Seattle, and the Pack embarrassingly lost, although that was before the Pats and Pack became red hot, now you don’t mess with them, and the ‘Hawks go down to them.

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