NFL Three Quarter Mark Predictions

*If SD beats NE,  SD will beat DEN.  Otherwise,  SD won’t beat NE or DEN
AFC East
1.New England 12-4 or 13-3
2.Miami 9-7 
3.Buffalo 7-9
4.NY Jets 4-12

The Patriots are now guaranteed a homefield advantage if my predictions are right, see below to see why.  The Dolphins lost Knowshon Moreno, but have youth on the rise on offense, such as Daniel Thomas and Jarvis Landry.  The Bills are on the rise too with Sammy Watkins.  That leaves the Jets at odd one out.  They have a strong offense, all they need is a good quarterback.

AFC North
1.Cincinnati 10-5-1
2.Pittsburgh 9-7
2.Baltimore 9-7
4.Cleveland 8-8

Wow, the Bengals have surprised me this season.  This crazy division can go to anybody.  Now Johnny Football could start for Cleveland.  The Bengals are still the best, with the Steelers and Ravens not far behind.  Cleveland’s good, but not quite enough.

AFC South
1.Indianapolis 11-5
2.Houston 7-9
3.Tennessee 4-12
4.Jacksonville 2-14

Look, this division is obvious.  The Titans and Jags stink, the Texans are not ready to win a division yet either after a dreadful 2013 season.  The Colts have it, Luck rules, and so does TY Hilton.  The Titans are better than the Jags and Houston’s just under .500.  Done.

AFC West
1.Denver 12-4 or 13-3*
2.Kansas City 11-5
3.San Diego 10-6
4.Oakland 2-14

Tough division, but the Raiders have no chance.  Denver rules with Kansas City trailing behind lead by star running back Jamaal Charles.  San Diego may be a contender too.  Philip Rivers and Ryan Mathews are back.

NFC East
1.Philadelphia 11-5 or 12-4
2.Dallas 10-6 or 9-7
3.NY Giants 7-9
4.Washington 6-10

Eagles win.  The Cowboys really surprised me this year.  The Giants stink more than I thought, and the Redskins aren’t turning around.  This may be my worst division of the year, other than the Eagles winning.  So hopefully, I’ll have better luck predicting the final verdict in this division.

NFC North
1.Green Bay 13-3
2.Chicago 9-7
2.Detroit 9-7
4.Minnesota 6-10

The Packers will dominate and they showed it by beating the league hottest New England Patriots.  The Bears aren’t done and are at the same time.  They won’t make the playoffs, but they won’t completely stink.  I expect the Lions to slow down a little, but still have a decent record, and the Vikings without Peterson, I’m not so sure but they still have some weapons that will make them below .500, but alright.

NFC South
1.New Orleans 7-9 
2.Atlanta 6-10
3.Carolina 5-10-1
4.Tampa Bay 3-13

This division stinks, and everybody’s under .500.  The Saints are at least decent, and Atlanta’s not so bad either.  But nobody except the winner will make the playoffs. Trust me, we won’t be seeing this division in the super bowl.

NFC West
1.Seattle 11-5
1.Arizona 11-5
1.San Francisco 11-5
4.St. Louis 7-9

A tough division I expect to see big changes in.  Arizona is on a down turn, and that opens the door for Seattle, the 49ers and even the Rams.  I bet it’ll be a three way tie, the tie breaker making the order Seahawks, Cards, 49ers all at 11-5.  All three teams should make the playoffs.  The Rams won’t make playoffs this year, but in the next couple years when Sam Bradford comes back, the Rams will be a true contender.  

1.New England 12-4 or 13-3
2.Denver 12-4 or 13-3
3.Indianapolis 11-5
4.Cincinnati 10-5-1
5.Kansas City 11-5
6.San Diego 10-6

1.Green Bay 13-3
2.Philadelphia 11-5 or 12-4
3.Seattle 11-5
4.New Orleans 7-9
5.Arizona 11-5
6.San Francisco 11-5

Wild Card
Seattle over San Francisco
New Orleans over Arizona
Kansas City over Cincinnati
Indianapolis over San Diego

New England over Kansas City
Denver over Indianapolis
Green Bay over New Orleans
Seattle over Philadelphia 

New England over Denver
Green Bay over Seattle

Super Bowl
New England,41,Green Bay,38

Patriots rule, and last time Green Bay won at Lambeau, but in a neutral match, the Patriots should win and I’m not surprised they lost last time.

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