In Detail:Buffalo Bills

This is my 4th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. Some people think that the Bills will have a comeback year,but really? I don’t think so even though I do think Sammy Watkins will be the best rookie this year. I did think Johnny Manziel would but seeing how badly he played in the preseason, that just didn’t pass for it. They do also have some 2nd year players who are good, since last year had a better draft selection. But I do think that these rookies will be me amazing second year players too. That is the average time to start a player’s prime. Second year players are still young, but have expierience and that’s what you need. Either start the players at a very young age or wait a year for the rookies to get good each year. I think CJ Spiller,EJ Manuel and Fred Jackson will also all have a good season. My prediction for the Bills is 4th in the AFC East, going 5-11 with a ranking of 29 overall. Now that I think of it, are the Jets and Dolphins any better? Maybe the Jets but the Dolphins, definitely not. Maybe I should say the Jets go 8-8, the Bills go 7-9 and the Dolphins go 6-10. That’s a better prediction but I don’t know if I’ll stick to it. The Bills are better, but have to tough of a schedule to do very well.

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