Red Sox Win 2 of 4 so far vs Cards and Angels

The Red Sox got David Ross,Allen Craig and Shane Victorino injured again but won 2 of 4 with offensive weapons Yoenis Cespedes,David Ortiz and Mike Napoli.Pitching has struggled slightly though.Joe Kelly and the prospects has created a decent rotation.Will Middlebrooks has not been impressive either.They’ve won only 3 of the last 10 and they’re in last place with a 51-64 record.I said we should focus on football but Ryan Mallett showed nothing vs the Redskins in a 23-6 preseason loss.If Brady and Jimmy Garropollo stay healthy,the Pats will dominate this season.Hopefully both teams will pull it together.Losing none,the Sox will be 98-64.Losing 4,they can be 94-68,my original prediction.Losing 8,they can make 90-72,the average wild card record.Losing 13,they can make it for my new 85-77 prediction.Losing 17,they can reach .500 and be 81-81.Can they even make .500.They have to win 30 of their final 47 games.85-77 still came up even when I went game by game.

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