Updated:MLB Late 2014 Season Preview

These are new record projections for all 30 teams

AL East
NY Yankees 92-70
Boston 85-77
Baltimore 79-83
Tampa Bay 78-84
Toronto 76-86

Boston will stay strong with new hitting talent and be in but not win the wild card race.Losing David Price hurt Tampa Bay holding them back from what could have been a world series contending year.Baltimore and Toronto will struggle late as the Yanks take over first.

AL Central
Detroit 98-64
Kansas City 90-72
Cleveland 82-80
Chicago Sox 74-88
Minnesota 66-96

This division hasn’t changed much other than Detroit and Chicago taking things up a notch.

AL West
Oakland 97-65
LA Angels 94-68
Texas 84-78
Seattle 74-88
Houston 59-103

Texas will impress late in as Seattle struggles and Houston only wins 8 more than last year.The Angels and Athletics will dominate.

NL East
Washington 98-64
Atlanta 91-71
NY Mets 75-87
Philadelphia 73-89
Miami 67-95

The Phillies will make a slight comeback as Miami does nothing to improve late in the season.The Mets should also get hot.The Braves will do a little better than expected as Washington dominates.

NL Central
St. Louis 93-69
Cincinnati 89-73
Milwaukee 79-83
Pittsburgh 77-85
Chicago Cubs 72-90

I’m worried about Andrew McCutchen.If he gets injured the Pirates will be done this season.Milwaukee will play OK as St. Louis takes over the division while Phillips and Joey Votto come back to help Cincinnati contend.

NL West
LA Dodgers 99-63
San Francisco 92-70
Arizona 74-88
Colorado 69-93
San Diego 64-98

If Seth Smith doesn’t stay hot,the Padres are toast this season while the Dodgers and Giants take over with a huge number of fans.Arizona and the Rockies will do OK,but it’s already too late for them.

One thought on “Updated:MLB Late 2014 Season Preview

  1. Do you really believe the Sox are going to win at least 30 games for the rest of the season while BOTH the Blue Jays and Orioles win less than 18?? I think that these are very BOLD and Boston centric predictions.

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