Red Sox Snap 5 Game Skid vs Rays while ending their 9 game winning streak

The Red Sox finally won after a 5 game skid beating the Rays 3-2,a Big Papi home run being their only run source.The Rays were 19-5 since June 24 with a 9 game winning streak that we ended.Their record improved then decreased to 51-54 in the process.Although Boston will be selling like mad in just four days maybe they could try and win these next four vs Toronto and New York at Fenway Park.Allen Webster made his season major league debut while starting to replace the trade of Jake Peavy today.We got pitching prospects Edwin Escobar,a starter and Heath Hembree,a closer for him.Here’s some stat math for you.My projected Red Sox record is a combination of the current team record mixed with my preseason projected record.The Sox are 48-57 and my prediction was 94-68.48+94=142.68+57=125.142-125=90-72.90-72 is apparently my current projected record.It could also be 89-73 but I keep it as close to the original as possible.The Red Sox are 5-5 in the last 10,9-6 in the last 15 and since the 8 of 9 streak and 9-11 in the last 20,Will they keep up in the second half which they have a 5-5 record in so far or are they bust?

2 thoughts on “Red Sox Snap 5 Game Skid vs Rays while ending their 9 game winning streak

  1. Per your earlier post, The Red Sox are done.Trade time.

    Now who do you think we can REALLY get? I know you don’t think the Angels are going to give up a top hitter like Josh Hamilton when they are fighting for a wild card. I know you don’t think the Red Sox want Carl Crawford, Grady Sizemore, or Marlon Byrd back again. Besides Matt Kemp in LA where they have more major league OF than they need and could use a starter like Lester down the stretch and for the playoffs, do you really think the Sox have anyone that they’d trade now in exchange for major league talent from a contender?

    I suggest we watch the NESN Trade Deadline special at 3:00 on Thursday and compare the real trades to your NEW and REAL predictions.

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