MLB Trade Frenzy:The Red Sox Trade Process

The Red Sox are done.Trade time.This post goes guy by guy on the Sox who I think could be traded.First up is the most wanted,Andrew Miller.Step 1,who do you offer?Andrew Miller.Step 2,what teams want him?First of all,don’t make a small market team or struggling team buy or sell unless they offer.For example,the Phillies want to buy and sell.Consider him on Philadelphia.I think either Philly or Miami could take Miller,maybe the Cubs and Seattle.Also we could make a deal with the White Sox or Angels.What about St. Louis?They could take Miller.They’ve struggled to keep up with Milwaukee.Those teams that are in it but not obvious playoff contenders like Oakland.So,whether it’s Phillies,Marlins,Cubs,White Sox,Mariners,Angels or Cardinals Miller is going somewhere.Step 3 who could they get back?On Philly consider Marlon Byrd returning or Grady Sizemore.Maybe Rollins.He’s a nice power hitter although he’s an older guy.On Miami maybe Salty or Stanton.On the Cubs,consider Anthony Rizzo or Darwin Barney.
On the White Sox,maybe De Aza or Dunn.They have Abreu to replace them.On Seattle maybe we could get Dustin Ackley or Kyle Seager.On the Angels,maybe Albert Pujols,David Freese or Josh Hamilton.We could use their at bats.On St.Louis,consider Matt Holliday or maybe Jon Jay.So onto Burke Badenhop.I think he’ll end up back on the Brewers or on the Dodgers,Giants,Nationals,Braves,Royals or Indians.On LA,consider Matt Kemp or Carl Crawford,both rumored.San Francisco could give us Sandoval for him.On Milwaukee maybe Ryan Braun or Carlos Gomez.On Washington maybe Gio Gonzalez,Ian Desmond or Ryan Zimmerman.The Braves could give up Justin or B.J. Upton.On Kansas City consider Alex Gordon or just maybe Yordano Ventura or Salvador Perez.On Cleveland maybe Cabrera,Mike Aviles or Nick Swisher.Also consider outfielders Michael Bourn and Brantley.Infact,I think Bourn or Brantley have the biggest chance if Badenhop goes to the Indians.Alright,you might be saying get out,get real to me.These are the guys we would get if they don’t give us top prospects.Next up,Stephen Drew.Although nobody wants Drew,maybe we could give him to a team like Pittsburgh or Cincinnati.Also maybe,Atlanta or Cleveland again.On Pittsburgh,maybe we could get the Indian prospects from the first Million Dollar Arm contest.On Cincinnati maybe Brandon Phillips but still probably prospects.On Atlanta maybe the same guys I said for Burke Badenhop and on the same guys on Cleveland also.Next up is Mike Carp.Professionals say he could be on Cincinnati or Milwaukee.I agree but also think maybe Washington,the Angels,Pittsburgh,St.
Louis,Tampa Bay,the Dodgers or Seattle.On Milwaukee maybe Carlos Gomez or Ryan Braun.On the Nats consider Ian Desmond or top prospects again.On the Angels maybe Josh Hamilton or David Freese and on Pittsburgh we would want a guy like Andrew McCutchen but there’s no way to get him.Again probably prospects from Pittsburgh.On St.Louis consider Jon Jay and maybe Desmond Jennings,Wil Myers or David Price if their lucky from Tampa Bay and Kemp or Crawford from LA.Seattle might give us Ackley for him if we’re lucky but again,probably prospects.Next up is Jon Lester.I think he could go to the Yankees,Mets,Mariners,Dodgers or Cubs.On the Yanks consider getting Ellsbury or Beltran and maybe Chase Headley.On the Mets maybe we could get David Murphy.On Seattle maybe Ackley again.On LA consider Matt Kemp or Carl Crawford.On Chicago I think we might get Schierholtz or Darwin Barney.It’s Koji Uehara next who could end up on again the Yankees,Cardinals,Dodgers,Angels,Reds,Mariners,Royals or Tigers.Except for the Tigers,it’s all the same guys.Give up Koji and we could get either some great prospects or Don Kelly.For Gomes maybe Tampa Bay or the White Sox would be a nice home.Again,just prospects from these organizations.John Farrell said they are planning for 2015.If we build a strong team of minor leaguers,we could sign and trade a bit with them.Try and sign Giancarlo Stanton for some prospects with the rebuilding Marlins.Maybe Allen Webster and other pitching prospects like Henry Owens could build a very strong rotation and bullpen in the future and if we have too many good pitching prospects,trade for rookie or minor league hitters.So Webster and Stanton could build a strong 2015 as the Red Sox become major sellers.

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