Red Sox Walk Off,My Fenway Streak Continues

The Red Sox were down 4-0 in the bottom of the 8th inning and Mookie Betts led off with a rare infield double!! Then after 2 more outs, Dustin Pedroia hit an RBI Single! 4-1. Then, it was a Big Papi RBI double off the Green Monster! 4-2.Then,Napoli walked.First and Second.Gomes up.He swings and hits an RBI Double to make it 4-3.Carp,pinch hitting for Bogaerts ended the 8th.Then,BOOM!White Sox Home Run???Game Over?!No.Foul.

Koji finished the Red Sox defensive end up. Betts came up with one out and he was hit by the pitch. Then,Nava came up to pinch hit for Christian Vazquez,a catcher making his debut to replace A.J. Pierzynski who had his worst season of his career.Betts on first.BOOM! Hit by pitch. Then Nava doubled !Tied 4-4.Brock Holt up.I was feeling lucky as Brock Holt crushed a walk off single as Nava scores! Sox win 5-4 coming back from a probable shutout!For all of it,I was there.When I have gone to a Red Sox game at Fenway,they’ve won.I’ve seen 7 wins and 0 losses.I’m 7-0.I am a good Luck charm.Next time you go to a Red Sox game,bring me.If you do,I can promise you they’ll win.At my first game the Red Sox defeated the Braves.I helped the Poland Spring Green Team and told my dad people at Fenway drink a lot of beer.I asked if people were done when the cup was half full but I didn’t know better.It was June 2009.I was only 5.Lots of beer rather than water in the recycling bins is why I think they made a rule that to be on the Green Team,you must be at least 21 years old.While I was reading the lineup they asked if I wanted to be a junior announcer.Then they asked me to say play ball for Autism Speaks the same week.The Sox won both games in Late August of 2009,one of them beating the Blue Jays 8-0.I came back in May 2010 and caught a Big Papi foul ball.They won.In August 2012 the Red Sox had collasped.They were losing to the Orioles.They came back and I ran the bases.On April 20,2013 I saw the first game at Fenway after the bombings.It was my cousin Michael’s birthday so we rid in a limo bus and sat in a luxury box.It was the most important game that season.Royals had the lead 2-1 when Nava crushed a 3 run home run to make it 4-2.I think that day started the Red Sox 2013 world series momentum.Game 7 was today.Just a normal game against the White Sox and they came back from 4-0 in a 5-4 walk off win.Today was also historical because the Red Sox had 6 rookies starting,The pitcher and 5 other players.They were center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.,Mookie Betts,catcher Christian Vazquez,Brock Holt,shortstop/third baseman Xander Bogaerts and pitcher Rubbby De La Rosa.You want to get in to the team stats?OK.Well,how is their record historical?It is.The Sox got 50 losses this year faster than they got 50 wins last year.They’re 40-51 as they go 2-7 in the home stand and are 5-10 in their last fifteen.I currently rank them 18th in the MLB and 4th in the division.Standings are BAL,49-40,TOR,47-43,NYY,45-44,TB,42-51,BOS,40-51.I’m glad I stayed after nearly leaving in the 6th inning because all the action was late in the game.I think the Sox won’t lose again until after the all star break and the 2nd half will be a partial Sox comeback,Red and not White.What good luck I am for the Red Sox at Fenway.

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