Baseball Travels:Citi Field

If you saw my last post you saw that I went to New York this weekend.I stayed in Manhattan,but visited Citi Field in Queens to see my friends from Australia,Derek,Kara,Josh and Matthew Lippner’s favorite team.If you don’t know yet Citi Field is the home of the 31-38 New York Mets.A former Red Sox player,Daisuke Matsuzaka was on the mound for the Mets who were facing the 29-40 San Diego Padres.The final score?Mets won it 3-1 with a Curtis Granderson home run despite David Wright’s bad season.
David Murphy also played well for the Mets,batting second in the lineup.Chase Headley,the Padres star struggled as well.This Padres loss was even more depressing for them than any other because former Padres player,all star and hall of famer Tony Gwynn died at age 54 of cancer.So,I know it’s a little upsetting for Boston Sports fans that the Mets won but I rooted for them,my friends favorite and the home team.It’s not like it’s the Yankees we rooted for or their second favorite team and another one of our arched rivals,the Tampa Bay Rays.It’s the Mets.A National League team that I don’t care a lot about and who stink anyways.So,that’s all for today’s edition of baseball travels.Be on the lookout next time though.What ballpark other than Fenway Park will I visit next?Read about it in the next Baseball Travels post.

2 thoughts on “Baseball Travels:Citi Field

  1. One of your best posts ever! Hopefully I can take you to more stadiums. PawSox for sure. Amazing that home teams are 8-0 when you go so maybe they will give you a free ticket next time. Go Andrew!

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