Red Sox and De La Rosa Take home 6th win straight

At this point I think The Sox are really on to something here.When I first saw Pierzynski as a Red Sox player I thought he wasn’t worth it,his defense wasn’t good,he struck out a lot and was so slow that I thought he’d rarely ever reach 1st.His defense hasn’t budged but his offense is starting to show up.He’s hitting more balls out of the park so he doesn’t have to run fast.The funny thing I he eats lots of fast food but it doesn’t make him fast it makes him fast without an S or that and low with fast’s S,which are fat and slow but he’s still able to manage hitting.He is a big part of this winning streak but also,Rubby De La Rosa.Huh?Who’s he? He’s the pitcher that came from Pawtucket and pitched seven innings without giving up a single run.Brock Holt also starred by hitting his irst career major league home run.One thing they talked about needing during the losing streak were Ellsbury and Drew?Over Holt,Bogaerts,Bradley Jr,Victorino,Middlebrooks and Sizemore?NO.They also need Pedroia to replace Herrera along with Victorino,Napoli,Middlebrooks,Doubront,Buchholz and Wright.They don’t quite demand the last three as much,maybe Buchholz a little more than the other two but are dying for the first four.Once the boys are back again The Sox will be expected to do even better than before.In their last ten they’re an incredible 6-4 and are 6-9 in their last fifteen.

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