Another Great Day For Boston Sports

Yesterday the Red Sox and Bruins won their games,and not just any games,historical ones.The Bruins were losing to Montreal 3-1 with eight minutes to go and they won 5-3!4 goals in 8 minutes!That’s a goal every 2 minutes.Half of those would not have happened without an empty net.The Bruins made history yesterday with one of the greatest comebacks ever for their franchise.What about the Red Sox?They were crushing the A’s 6-0 but the Capuano gave up three runs to the Athletics towards the end.Uehara finished it off and the Red Sox won 6-3.Also,The A’s,not including games vs the Sox were 18-10.The Red Sox not including the games vs the A’s were 13-16.Overall,the Sox are 15-16,2-0 on the series and the Athletics are 18-12,0-2 on the series.The thing that made it not as exciting is that the Bruins were a higher seed and played at TD Garden and the Sox were at home too,Fenway Park.Also,Boston’s horse Eicked Strong ran the Kentucky Derby yesterday.Boston Stronger is right!Boston just got even stronger yesterday.

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