In Detail:Kansas City Royals

This is my 24th post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April.The Royals players Billy Butler,James Shields,Mike Moustakas and Ventura are ready for a rebound to the playoffs in 2014.The Tigers are still to good for them though.Last year,they were 3rd place,86-76,13th overall.This year I think they’ll be 2nd place,90-72,7th overall.That is some significant improvement.What about after this year?Do they have a plan?My current 2015 AL Central standings are Tigers,Royals,White Sox,Indians and Twins.Kansas City should continue in the playoffs for a while.I bet they will get the second wild card spot of the AL.What about next year?Maybe,maybe not.I think it’s a 50/50 2015 Royals playoff chance.They’re lucky to even make the playoffs once!They haven’t made the playoffs since 1985.The Royals will not have much experience as they make their way to the top of the AL wild card race.

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