In Detail:New York Yankees

This is my 23rd post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April.The Yankees fell apart last year and became temporalily stuck in the middle of nowhere.But this year the Yankees are the great and powerful Yankees again.They rebuilt during the offseason taking two former world series players,Red Sox base stealing machine Jacoby Ellsbury and Cardinals all star Carlos Beltran.My prediction for the Yanks is 2nd place(with a wild card),91-71,8th overall.The Yanks also have Jeter,Brian Roberts and Texiera ready for a good season.The Japanese crew of stars this year on the Yanks is Mashahiro Tanaka,Ichiro Suzuki and Hiroki Kuroda,all ready to star.Jeter will still have a good year even though it’s his last.The Yankees enemy and my favorite team the Red Sox will do better then them,so congrats to other Red Sox fans!The Yankees will have a good year,but they’re still not good enough for the Red Sox.

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