In Detail:Atlanta Braves

This is my 18th post in my MLB In Detail,daily post series this April.The Braves have lost it on the mound.Their offense is the only thing that’s keeping the Braves from completely falling apart.The Nationals went 1-5 against Atlanta and ESPN ranked the Nationals above the Braves the following week.Braves fans were protesting saying ESPN writers are just cuckoo to put Atlanta under Washington except for one Nationals fan who said ESPN just thinks the Nats have more talent.Power Rankings aren’t themselves without predictions changing them.To see the teams ranked in order by record,there is a tab labeled standings you can click on.If hat Nats fan is right about ESPN,then I agree with ESPN.I think the Nats have way more talent than the Braves.If you saw my MLB playoff predictions you saw I predicted Washington to win the world series and I didn’t even mention playoffs for Atlanta.My prediction for the Braves is 2nd Place,87-75,13th overall.Braves offense isn’t bad,but pitching has became disaster.

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