In Detail:New York Mets

This is the 5th post in my daily MLB in detail post series this April.If you didn’t see the others or forgot,the MLB has 30 teams and April has 30 days.I am doing in detail about one team each day.This will become a tradition for the month that starts football season,hockey season,basketball season and baseball season.The Mets have had playoff rumors,but I believe they are 26th,4th place in the division with a 68-94 record.Matt Harvey will have a good season and so will David Wright.They need some major rebuilding in certain areas though.Some say the Philllies will be last in the NL East but I think they were underrated and are better then the Mets and Marlins.The Nats and Braves are to good for the P’s though.I believe that they will get 3rd place,84-78,16th overall.In general,the Mets will struggle and won’t have the same record for a 3rd year,they’ll be worse,not any better than 2012 or 2013.

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