MLB 2014 Preview

Here is my 2014 MLB Predictions
*-Playoff Team

AL East
Boston 94-68*
NY Yankees 91-71*
Tampa Bay 88-74
Baltimore 76-86
Toronto 74-88

Overall,Boston repeats as a playoff team with the Yankees sneaking into the wild card race.Tampa Bay has its ups and downs but will just miss the playoffs.Meanwhile,at the bottom of things,the O’s and Jays resume here with more than 70 wins.

AL Central
Detroit 93-69*
Kansas City 90-72*
Cleveland 81-81
Chicago Sox 68-94
Minnesota 66-96

Detroit,as usual,will make the playoffs withKansas City making their first playoff appearance since 1986.The Indians suddenly get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a 81-81 predicted record.The Chicago Sox are slumping yet again while the Twins find themselves a last place team.

AL West
Texas 99-63*
Oakland 87-75
LA Angels 82-80
Seattle 71-91
Houston 57-105

The Rangers are alone in the playoffs,surprisingly Oakland was no match for the Royals,as these Rangers have world series qualities.Meanwhile,the Halos improve their record to a winning record,but still be stuck in the middle.The Mariners struggle still,they could be on the bad side for years.This hopeless team has never won the world series.Now,there’s a new hopeless team in town,the Houston Astros.They haven’t won more than 70 since 2008 although they have won a world series before.

NL East
Washington 101-61*
Atlanta 87-75
Philadelphia 84-78
NY Mets 68-94
Miami 68-94

The Nats have the power to win a world series while pitching is a major problem for the Braves.I believe the Phillies can rebound with a winning record in 2014.The Mets and Marlins will need major rebuilding to become playoff quality team.

NL Central
St.Louis 93-69*
Cincinnati 89-73*
Pittsburgh 78-84
Chicago Cubs 74-88
Milwaukee 73-89

The Cards had a magical season that won’t be repeated.Meanwhile,they remain a playoff team as well as the Reds.The Pirates will not do much better than last year,probably much worse.The Cubs and Brew Crew are slightly better but not good enough.

NL West
LA Dodgers 97-65*
San Fransisco 90-72*
Arizona 80-82
San Diego 70-92
Colorado 69-93

The Dodgers and Giants are bothplayoff teams,the Giants don’t have the power to win the division yet.The D-Backs will be stuck in their current position for a while.Meanwhile,the Rockies and Padres just made 90 losses.

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